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SAYYAS' "Café by the Window" Sunroom & BKA Trend Exhibition at Guangzhou Design Week


SAYYAS' "Café by the Window" Sunroom & BKA Trend Exhibition at Guangzhou Design Week


With the fast-paced development of society and economy, an ever-increasing array of new and novel items continuously emerge, filling people's spiritual space and dazzling the senses. Amidst this bustling "spiritual marketplace," one iron law remains unchanged, that is "trendiness."

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SAYYAS caught the attention of a large number of young people at the BKA Trend Exhibition (also known as the BK Exhibition) for the youth at the Guangzhou Design Week with their "Café by the Window" themed sunroom display. The combination of an aluminum-clad wood sunroom with a café epitomizes the perfect fusion of life scenes, which resonates deeply with the views of young people and designers towards a trendy lifestyle.

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The current BK Exhibition builds upon the past themes of 1.0 Trendy Fun (anime culture), 2.0 Trendy Art (trendy art), and 3.0 Trendy Living (lifestyle) and extends these to encompass the six aspects of life: clothing, food, shelter, transport, education, and entertainment. With its modern vibe, the exhibition attracts many young people and designers to linger, and SAYYAS' "Café by the Window" themed sunroom has become one of the focal points. As a deep partner of the BK Exhibition for three terms, SAYYAS also participated in the opening ceremony ribbon-cutting event.

SAYYAS combines aluminum-clad wood windows with coffee culture to create a new exhibition style, greatly relatable to the lifestyle of young people. This is our "Café by the Window," which has been demonstrated for the first time in an exhibition setting, previously only available in SAYYAS' office buildings in Harbin and Nanjing.

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The youthful gene is always engraved in the growth of SAYYAS. This reflects the importance SAYYAS places on the thoughts of young people in the process of evolving its brand, its willingness to start from the young people's lifestyle to create products that better meet their needs. We believe that, in the future, SAYYAS will win the favor of an increasing number of young consumers by focusing closely on their needs.

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