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Interview with Top Ten Hotel Designers in the Asia-Pacific: Xiangyue Jiang

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Interview with Top Ten Hotel Designers in the Asia-Pacific: Xiangyue Jiang


Author: Hualin

"I believe that windows in architecture are like the eyes of the building; they resist heavy rain and wind while bringing in light. The quality of windows directly affects the mood of the residents."
- Renowned interior architect, Xiangyue Jiang

In early May, SAYYAS's film crew visited Tianmu Lake FU VALLEY Hotel in Liyang, Jiangsu, and had the privilege of interviewing the hotel's chief designer, Xiangyue Jiang, in Nanjing before the shoot.

Xiangyue Jiang is the creative director of HYH Hotel Design Group and a renowned interior architect. He has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Asia-Pacific Top Ten Leading Hotel Designers Award and the Asia-Pacific Hotel Design Gold Award.

In the interview, Xiangyue Jiang stated, "SAYYAS's technology and products are quite advanced and cover many design ideals, meeting our expectations. I have examined many windows, and SAYYAS's performance meets my design requirements."

Tianmu Lake FU VALLEY Hotel is designed to create a retreat from the fast-paced, high-density information flow of city life, offering a serene lakeside escape. The design features extensive use of large glass panes, creating a seamless connection between the interior and the natural landscape, making every external view a seasonal picture frame.

"Many guests have told me that they cannot tolerate even a sliver of light while sleeping and must not hear any noise. Thus, my requirements for windows were quite stringent and challenging. Meanwhile, I don't want guests sitting in front of beautiful scenery obstructed by vertical bars. When taking pictures of the Tianmu Lake scenery from indoors, there should be an uninterrupted connection with the view, so I left large glass areas for the guests."

"Throughout the operation, guests have praised the scale of the windows. Their sleep quality also met my expectations, allowing them to sleep soundly, which I find particularly satisfying."

Tianmu Lake FU VALLEY Hotel is a haven for city dwellers, offering a tranquil retreat where guests can relax and unwind, both physically and mentally. Windows, being the eyes of the building, reveal its unique charm and character, allowing people to experience the passage of time and the rhythm of life.