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SAYYAS Unveils Strategic Layout at the Zero Carbon Building Conference

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SAYYAS Unveils Strategic Layout at the Zero Carbon Building Conference


Author: Hualin


From May 26th to 28th, the 2024 International Zero Carbon Cities and Buildings Conference and Technical Equipment Expo (referred to as the Zero Carbon Conference) organized by the China Association of Building Energy Efficiency was held in Beijing. At the conference, Shuping Bian, Chairman of SAYYAS, delivered a keynote speech titled "Shaping a New Future," showcasing SAYYAS's achievements and future direction in promoting zero carbon buildings.

In his speech, Shuping Bian emphasized that as global attention to carbon neutrality goals increases, zero carbon buildings have become an inevitable trend in the construction industry. SAYYAS, as a leading enterprise in the energy-efficient window industry, is committed to providing high-efficiency, eco-friendly window solutions to support the development of zero carbon buildings in China. He highlighted the four main features of SAYYAS's Double Carbon Aluminum-Clad PVC Windows: initiator, aluminum-clad, stylish, and cost-effective. The newly launched DC82 PVC windows and DC95 aluminum-clad PVC windows continue SAYYAS's tradition of high performance and quality. To meet European manufacturing standards, SAYYAS introduced intelligent production line equipment from Italy's GRAF Synergy and adopted its unique V-PERFECT welding technology, ensuring the aesthetics and corner strength of the windows.



Additionally, Shuping Bian shared SAYYAS's market strategy. The company plans to expand its domestic and international markets further, promoting high-efficiency, energy-saving window products to meet the growing demand for green buildings. SAYYAS will launch DCsty105 and WarmCore115, both are aluminum-clad PVC products, on September 20th in Nanjing. In conclusion, Shuping Bian stated that SAYYAS will continue to drive innovation and green development, contributing to achieving carbon neutrality goals.