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Franchise invitation

Brand builds strength

25 years of ingenuity ▪ Establish a position in the industry.

In 1998, SAYYAS was established. Since its establishment, SAYYAS has engraved "Deliver both love and warmth" on the title page of history, and brought the development of the window products with efficient heat preservation, thermal insulation and quiet performance to a new level through over 20 years of hard work.

  • Leading patents in the industry
    Multiple authoritative certifications
  • Rock-solid product quality
  • Sophisticated equipment
    Time limit guarantee
  • Professional technology and after-sales support

Joining  Advantage

  • Store support 

    Appropriate support is available, but the decision to implement our solution rests with the overseas distributors.
    Provide professional and high-quality solutions for terminal stores.
    Provide support during the site selection phase and design storefronts aligned with international trends.
    Provide standard design plans for the stores according to store plans.
    Provide soft decoration planning guidance and control the quality of decoration materials for the store.
    Provide professional guidance on display window types, position layout and moving lines planning.

  • Technical support

    Provide national knowledge and skill training and retraining.
    Provide troubleshooting and technical guidance at any time.
    Assist in solving the design and installation problems that the franchisee cannot solve independently.

    Franchise process (no details; emphasizing openness to investment).

    Openness to investment.

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