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Maintenance Guide

Inner Wood Frame

Inner wood frame

  • It is advisable to use a soft, dry cotton or silk cloth to wipe along the wood grain for daily cleaning. If the frame is heavily soiled, a neutral detergent or special furniture cleaning agent can be used to wipe off the stains before the frame is gently wiped dry.

    It is forbidden to wipe the water-based paint surface of wood windows with hard or abrasive materials, alcohol, gasoline, or any chemical solvents, and rinsing the surface with water is also prohibited.

    Due to the potential for deformation or cracking caused by changes in the moisture content of wood, it is essential to maintain good indoor temperature and humidity. An ideal humidity of about 32% is recommended for Northern China and 55% for Southern China to avoid dampness caused by moisture. Where the indoor environment is dry, manual humidification measures, such as indoor humidifiers, shall be taken regularly to compensate for the excessive loss of moisture, thus preventing wood deformation and cracking.

    TIPS: Do not wipe one part with excessive force or for a long time to avoid wearing through the paint surface of the frame.


  • Prepare a cleaning solution by diluting a neutral detergent in clean water. Use a soft cloth, dampen it with the solution, then wring it out thoroughly before wiping the glass. It is necessary to protect the wood paint surface to prevent it from being contaminated.
Outer Aluminum Frame

Outer aluminum frame

  • Wipe the outer aluminum frame with a soft cloth moistened with a solution of water and neutral detergent, or simply with clean water. Caution: Do not use volatile solvents or alkaline or acidic solvents to clean the inner wood frame, outer aluminum frame and glass. Pay attention to the corner tip of the outer aluminum frame, hardware fittings and other parts during cleaning to avoid scratches.
Rubber Strip Maintenance993

Rubber strip maintenance

  • Use a dedicated rubber strip cleaning agent and plastic protective agent to clean and maintain the rubber strips, preventing premature aging. Regularly check the rubber strips, especially for cracks and fractures. In the event of severe damage, aging or even detachment, be sure to contact SAYYAS' after-sales personnel promptly for replacement to ensure that the product's performance specifications are not compromised.

    Clean the grooves at the joints of door and window frames and leaves, as well as push-pull and folding slide rails.
    A: The grooves at the joints of door and window frames and leaves, as well as push-pull and folding slide rails shall be cleaned irregularly according to the actual situation, so as to prevent sediments (mainly including dust, soil, sand, etc.) from adversely affecting the use of hardware.

    B: Sediments can be removed either by sweeping with a soft brush or by vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner.