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Six Main Materials

  • Glassv1u


    Sayyas' glass workshop has five European high-end production lines, which can carry out deep processing of offline Low-E glass. Such workshop not only meets the schedule and quality requirements, but also ensures timely and stable after-sales service.


    Since 2008, Sayyas has been an industry pioneer in using special water-based paint for doors and windows (it uses water as diluent, is free of toxic substances such as benzene, xylene and formaldehyde, and has no pungent odor). The water-based paint features anti-corrosion, ultraviolet resistance and color change resistance. In addition, it can protect wood.



    For hardware, Sayyas employs European-imported German hardware, featuring silver nano-coating on the surface for enhanced stability and resistance to rust. Mushroom head locking points are precise and adjustable, ensuring accurate overlapping of frames and leaves.

  • WOOD

    Sayyas uses laminated wood imported from Europe (with FSC and PEFC green and environmental protection certifications). Upon storage entry, the wood undergoes a curing period ranging from two to six months, allowing its moisture content to reach the processing standard (German wood window standard of 13+2% moisture content) so as to ensure that the final products are highly resistant to deforming or cracking.



    The exterior aluminum profile design is crucial for aluminum-clad wood windows as it affects both the combination of wood and aluminum during assembly and the drainage system on the outdoor side. Sayyas has its own design patent on aluminum profile, and its mold and intellectual property rights are held by Sayyas. Sayyas independently developed seamless welding technology for aluminum materials and realized large-scale industrial production.


    Sayyas selects SCHLEGEL rubber strips and automotive-grade EPDM rubber strips to create multiple seals for windows. The inner and outer soft-hard co-extruded rubber strips of glass not only retain the advantages such as aging resistance, but also overcome the challenge of integrating different firmness levels within a single strip. In addition, Sayyas adopts the self-developed seamless welding technology for main sealing rubber strips to realize "seamless jointing" at four corners of the rubber strips and improve the sealing performance of the whole windows.