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Product Advantages

Focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of energy-saving windows, Sayyas has been continuously optimizing and upgrading the configuration of main materials. Through global procurement, it has introduced advanced production lines and door and window information systems from various countries to create "Sayyas" standards.

Over the years, Sayyas has been relentless in conquering a number of core and key component technologies and participated in drafting a number of industry standards in China. It not only masters core technologies such as wood-type processing, seamless welding and coating of aluminum profiles, diamond mesh window screen integration and corner welding of sealing rubber strips, but also innovates technologies and processes such as ventilation and drainage, sound insulation and noise reduction, anti-theft safety, wind prevention, and fire prevention.
insulation kwb

Thermal insulation and energy saving

Sayyas utilizes a multi-chamber insulating glass structure, filled with argon, combined with LOW-E glass, making the insulating glass more energy-saving and thermally insulated. Sayyas has established its own high-quality glass deep processing and production center to ensure the quality of insulating glass.

Wind Prevention and Safetyo9b

Wind protection safety

Sayyas uses multiple sealing strips to create a tight airtight cavity. It entirely blocks the exchange of air between the interior and exterior, ensuring excellent wind protection effects in different climate zones.

Sound insulation and noise reduction3km

Sound insulation and noise reduction

Products are equipped with multi-layer laminated glass and multiple sealing rubber strips, leaving no gaps for noise. After the frame is filled with sound-absorbing materials, the mute effect can be further upgraded to achieve a strong mute effect.

Dust and haze preventionnsz

Dust and haze prevention

Sayyas adopts a flat frame design, which is resistant to dust accumulation and effortlessly reduces the housework burden. Featuring a multi-seal design, our products effectively block external dust, helping to maintain a clean home environment.

Sealing and waterproofinggz4

Sealing and waterproofing

The patented technology of hidden rear ventilation and drainage is adopted to realize balanced waterproofing of equal pressure chambers, significantly improving the waterproof performance of windows. Specially designed models utilize novel composite materials, offering higher anti-corrosion performance. The patented full-automatic seamless welding technology makes aluminum materials more sealed and durable.

Anti-theft safetyhaw

Anti-theft safety

Sayyas' aluminum-clad wood windows have excellent fire resistance, and have obtained fireproof certification from the Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials in August 2004.


High fire resistance

Sayyas adopts high-end hardware systems imported from Europe, with multi-locking point structures to meet the anti-theft demand. They are built to last, ensuring smooth opening and closing.

Health and environmental protectionqhq

Health and environmental protection

Sayyas has always adhered to the concept of health and environmental protection, taking the lead within the industry to adopt non-toxic, non-harmful and non-irritating special water-based paint (imported from Germany) to preserves the quality of wood and safeguard human health.

Convenience and durabilityuo9

Convenience and durability

Paired with integrated window screen, the meticulous internal structure provides enhanced convenience in use and increased resistance to damage while ensuring safety through prevention of accidental falls of children and offering protection against theft, insects, rodents, and ants.