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Green Achievement in the Extreme Cold: SAYYAS’s "Mars Base" - China's Northernmost Passive Building


Green Achievement in the Extreme Cold: SAYYAS’s "Mars Base" - China's Northernmost Passive Building


On August 24, 2023, in Mohe City, Daxing'anling Region, Heilongjiang Province - China's northernmost - known not only for its harsh natural landscapes but also for its unlimited potential for technology and innovation. The first Low Carbon Development Forum for High Cold and High Latitude Regions and the Extreme Cold Test Forum, co-hosted by the People's Government of Mohe City and China Building Material Test & Certification Group, were officially launched.

On August 25, Shuping Bian, chairman of SAYYAS Windows, delivered an engaging presentation titled "SAYYAS’s Path to Low Carbon and Energy Saving" at the forum. He stated that since the trend of high-performance European doors and windows emerged in 2010, he anticipated that the Chinese market would also enter the energy-efficient building development track. Therefore, in 2011, he resolutely abandoned wood-aluminum composite windows and focused on German-style aluminum-clad wood windows. In 2012, SAYYAS launched aluminum-clad wood windows for cold regions, and in 2015, SAYYAS passive aluminum-clad wood curtain walls were introduced. In 2020, SAYYAS launched the new generation aluminum-clad wood window “x139” series using GFRP as the main frame material, further reducing the overall heat transfer coefficient of the window. In 2016, SAYYAS's world's largest passive factory was put into operation. In 2022, SAYYAS transformed its existing headquarters office building in Nanjing into a near-zero energy consumption project, creating a super low-energy consumption experience center in the Yangtze River Delta region. SAYYAS's continuous innovation and practice in energy-efficient products have made it a leader in the field of energy-efficient doors and windows. To continue fulfilling its corporate mission of "Minimize Consumption, Maximize Beauty", SAYYAS also plans to launch the 3060 uPVC System ES (Energy Saving) series.

Shuping Bian systematically elaborated on SAYYAS's progress in technological innovation and market layout, and analyzed in detail the proportion and price trends of window products in the European and American markets. He pointed out SAYYAS's leading position in technology and product development, as well as SAYYAS’s keen insight into future market development.

SAYYAS not only pursues technological leadership but also has the courage to explore the frontier of passive buildings. It will always committed to the mission of " Minimize Consumption, Maximize Beauty" and become an active promoter of energy-efficient building development.