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After-sales Service

In July 2020, SAYYAS established its own independent heartfelt service system. The engineering and retail business of the system have been fully launched. With this efficient and convenient on-site service management platform, SAYYAS has established an efficient and high-quality whole-process service management system oriented to customers to provide them with "heartfelt service".
With a software platform, the heartfelt service system manages customer service personnel for installation, acceptance, customers, customer service, after-sales, etc., and related links in a unified manner. By incorporating both front-end and after-sales support into the entire product lifecycle, the system effectively streamlines and standardizes on-site services, ultimately achieving the goal of improving service quality and ensuring customer satisfaction.

SAYYAS realizes the whole process control of products after delivery with the heartfelt service system. By establishing closed-loop management with order execution, it can secure and enrich the entire lifecycle of products in customer orders. This is equal to creating dedicated service "profiles" for our customers.

Overseas customers can also enjoy the above after-sales service of the same quality through the sales personnel port.

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