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Zero-carbon non-commercial forest


This year marks the 25th anniversary of SAYYAS' founding, as well as the 20th year since the aluminum-clad wood window stood out in the Chinese market. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Minimize Consumption, Maximize Beauty.", SAYYAS is not only the spokesperson of health, beauty and quality of life, but also the practitioner of green, public welfare and social responsibility. Since 2011, SAYYAS has been sponsoring the local Tree Planting Day activity in Harbin, and has planted more than 15,000 trees, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters.

In the course of planting trees for several years, SAYYAS invited experts from Northeast Forestry University to give technical guidance for many times, and formed a publicity matrix through TV, Internet, radio and other modern media platforms, which played a role in spreading green ideas and arousing people's awareness of environmental protection.
Trees are friends of mankind, protecting soil from erosion, purifying the air, preventing wind and reducing noise. Throughout the ages, people have been fond of the warmth offered by trees and the beauty of their unique natural textures, and this enduring affinity is evidenced by the omnipresence of wood in our buildings, production tools, daily necessities, and decorations. As a renewable resource, trees are inexhaustible as long as they are reasonably developed. They are a selfless gift from nature to mankind.

Wood is one of the main materials of SAYYAS' aluminum-clad wood windows, and the whole process from its processing and manufacturing to use and scrapping is energy-saving and eco-friendly. By pioneering the use of FSC-certified lumber since 2013 as the premier Chinese wood window company, and pressing wood chips generated during processing into biomass fuel, SAYYAS has always been practicing the enterprise mission of "Minimize Consumption, Maximize Beauty.". SAYYAS embraces the unity of knowledge and action, puts principles into practice with dedication, and places equal emphasis on the quality of life and sustainable development. SAYYAS seeks to accompany you on a path toward the technology of extremely reduced consumption and unlock a longing for an extremely beautiful life.