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[Discovering the Oasis] Reality Show

In today's world, where both the environment and the human spirit face the encroaching desertification, amidst the clash between civilizations and cultures, in the jungle of reinforced concrete, we seek to discover the  verdant ingenuity of the conscience.
Call for zero-carbon youth and zero-carbon cause:
The environment is closely related to everyone, yet the journey to enact change is lengthy. China's "3060" pledge to the world is a challenge for every enterprise and every individual alike. Building emissions are the "main source" of carbon emissions, and passive green building solutions shall be promoted.
After 24 years of dedicated specialization, SAYYAS has honed its focus on aluminum-clad wood and passive windows. Positioning itself as the guardian of building openings, SAYYAS tries its best to contribute to environmental sustainability.
[Zero carbon is imminent, and SAYYAS is willing to take lead]