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Zero-carbon Buildings


A zero-carbon building is a zero-emission building that can operate independently of the power grid and by relying on solar or wind energy. This kind of building does not consume coal, petroleum, electricity and other energy sources. All the annual energy consumption is from renewable energy generated at the site.

As is widely recognized, exterior windows of buildings are the most vulnerable part of the building envelope and are often referred to as the black hole of building energy consumption. Their thermal energy loss is approximately four times that of wall, five times that of roof and over 20 times that of floors. It accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption attributed to building envelope components. Therefore, in a zero-carbon building, improving energy efficiency and minimizing building carbon emissions hinge critically on its exterior windows.

Over the years, SAYYAS has steadfastly embraced the corporate mission of "Minimize Consumption, Maximize Beauty.", dedicating itself to the research, development and manufacturing of building exterior windows with ultra-low heat transfer coefficients. The company is committed to excellence in every aspect of its process, from structural R&D to material selection, meticulous craftsmanship, assembly verification, and finished product installation, all to ensure the sealing performance of whole windows. So far, nearly 20 window products have passed the German PHI certification, and they can be applied to zero-carbon buildings. We have successfully served nearly 100 passive ultra-low energy consumption green buildings in China, and participated in the formulation of building energy saving standards in many places, helping to promote the development of zero-carbon buildings in China.

SAYYAS' aluminum-clad wood air conditioning windows can effectively prevent outdoor environment from invading into the indoor parts and reduce the use frequency of indoor environment improvement equipment, thus improving energy efficiency and reducing energy loss.


"Keeping out climate change with aluminum-clad wood air conditioning windows of SAYYAS " is SAYYAS' consistent vision. While advocating the use of environment-friendly main materials, SAYYAS is also actively engaged in greening. For many years, SAYYAS has built a SAYYAS forest to increase carbon sink reserves. It has also built a passive ultra-low energy consumption green factory in Harbin in Northern China, which was certified as "the world's largest passive factory" in Guinness World Records in September 2018. Its affiliated office building was included in the "13th Five-Year" National Key R&D Program as a "Near-zero Energy Building Technology System and Key Technology Development - Public Building Demonstration Project". In 2021, SAYYAS carried out passive ultra-low energy consumption renovation for the headquarters office building in Nanjing, and launched the Zero-carbon Youth Program, which advocates implementing the zero-carbon idea and understanding China's zero-carbon buildings from the perspective of youth.

SAYYAS will always actively practice its mission and make its contribution to China's "3060" dual-carbon goal.