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The Wabi-Sabi style is both minimalist and extremely beautiful. Its appeal comes from a simple and understated design style. Wabi-Sabi style is dominated by natural high-grade gray tones, with linen, azurite, and sandalwood as the main tones. The emphasis is on statement rather than description.

This style restores the essence of the real objects. Home furnishing materials mostly appear in the form of prototypes, such as wood-textured tables and chairs, rough-textured walls, stone-based artwork, clay pots with very random shapes, and even exposed wires.

The interior design, furniture, and decoration of Wabi-Sabi style are few but refined, concise and have a sense of design. Through the few household furnishings, it expresses the indifferent attitude of Wabi-Sabi. Accordingly, in "Wabi-Sabi" household style, the furniture and decoration of the room are few, refined, simple and have a sense of design.

Wabi-Sabi style is more suitable for dark-colored aluminum-clad wood windows. The wood window texture will highlight the design sense of Wabi-Sabi style that restores the physical essence.


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