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The Chinese style pursues a realm of self-cultivation. Traditional Chinese interior decoration is characterized by a symmetrical and balanced overall layout, upright and stable, while advocating natural flavors in the decorative details, such as delicately crafted flowers, birds, fish and insects, etc., to fully reflect the spirit of Chinese traditional aesthetics.

The representative of Chinese style is the color and design of classical traditional furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Chinese garden architecture, which are magnificent, showily, delicate and ingenious. They pay attention to modelling symmetry and color contrast, and has rich cultural connotation, reflecting high aesthetic interest and social status of host.

The wood windows of traditional colors bring out the overall Chinese atmosphere. When matched with the Chinese mahogany furniture, it will complement each other. The traditional Chinese wood craftsmanship is combined with the wood window craftsmanship, the traditional Chinese feel will be more prominent if Chinese grilles are added to the windows.


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