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The European minimalist style follows the main elements of classical European style, incorporates modern life elements, and integrates the decorative features of the traditional European style. It pursues the continuity of spatial changes and the sense of hierarchy of size changes in design. Therefore, the carpets, curtains, bedspreads, etc. used indoors all have special patterns. The style design consists of curves and asymmetric lines. Some of the lines are soft and elegant, and some are strong and full of rhythm. The whole three-dimensional form is integrated with the orderly and rhythmic curves.

In interior decoration design, the European minimalist style uses a lot of iron components, integrating glasses, ceramic tiles, etc. with iron products, ceramic products, etc. The classical European style has complex lines and cold colors, but the European minimalist style, based on the classical style, replaces the complex patterns with simple lines, and retains the classical luxury and beauty with bright and warm colors, to reflect the comfort of modern life.

It can match the arc window, vertical arc window and other special-shaped window to fit the European decoration style. If equipped with European grille, it will better create the European atmosphere.


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