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The modern minimalist style, as the name implies, is to make all the details look very concise. The simplicity of the decoration makes the space look very simple and atmospheric. The places decorated should be less, but the selection of color, layout and decoration materials takes a lot of efforts, which is a realm difficult to reach.

In terms of interior design, this style emphasizes the integrity of function, structure and form, and pursues the depth and precision of materials, technology and space. The designers apply "minimalism" to the interior design. On the premise of meeting the function needs, they use highly condensed colors and the extremely concise shape to reasonably combine the space, people and objects, eventually creating a dynamic and diversified spatial effect.

The modern minimalist style is more suitable for the new generation of thin, fashionable and angular aluminum-clad wood window, which not only fit the overall interior simple lines, but also improves the overall design texture.


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