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25 years of ingenuity ▪ Establish a position in the industry

In 1998, Sayyas was established. Since its establishment, Sayyas has engraved "Deliver both love and warmth" on the title page of history, and developed the window products with efficient heat preservation, thermal insulation and quiet performance to a new level through 25 years of hard work. In 2020, in view of the unique insights and considerations of the door and window market, Sayyas innovatively put forward the concept of "air conditioning window", so that rooms can be warm in winter and cool in summer without air conditioning, which once again changed the pattern of the door and window industry and created a new milestone in the field of energy-saving doors and windows.

Leading patents in the industry with multiple
authoritative certifications

Rock-solid product quality

Time limit guarantee for
sophisticated equipment

Professional technical and
after-sales support


joining advantage

Store support

Provide professional and high-texture solutions for terminal stores;

assist store location selection, design international fashion store;

provide standard design plan for the store according to store plan;

provide soft decoration planning guidance and decoration materials control for the store;

and guide the selection and placement of window types and moving lines;

Marketing support

Sayyas spends a huge amount of advertising expenses and cooperates with hundreds of Chinese authoritative media to support terminal marketing;

conduct large-scale designer activities to firmly control the order resources of designers;

provide free or preferential product promotional materials, display props and other promotional products;

the company promotes the service providers while promoting the brand through the Internet, magazines and other media and we media;

and provide new product sample discounts, annual contract rebates, and generous annual incentive policies;

Technical support

Provide national knowledge and skill training and retraining;

provide troubleshooting and technical guidance at any time;

and assist to solve the design and installation problems that franchisee cannot complete independently;

Channel support

Attract customers through Tmall, JD.com and other e-commerce systems;

cooperate with a number of well-known real estate companies;

and connect with a number of designer activity platforms.


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