Zero-carbon Youth


The original intention of Zero-carbon Youth IP is to have a group of like-minded young people, who come from different places and are engaged in different jobs, but they all love environmental protection and want to make their own efforts for it. Sayyas is willing to be the initiator, and walk with this group of young people who practice zero carbon, and get to know all aspects related to zero carbon in life, such as construction, energy, transportation... They will visit, study, record and spread along the way. As more fellow travelers join, the group of [Zero-carbon Youth] will grow larger and larger.


Mainline of zero-carbon youth activity:

1. [Academy Award]:

Starting from college students, these generations of young people who influence the future tell the story of [Zero-carbon Youth] through various forms of creation.



2. [Discover the Oasis] reality show:

In today's desertification of the heart and the environment, in the conflict between civilization and culture, in the reinforced concrete jungle, we want to explore the green ingenuity of people's conscience.

Call for zero-carbon youth and zero-carbon cause:

The environment is closely related to everyone, and it is far away to change it. China's commitment to "3060" is a test for every enterprise and every people. Building emissions are the "main force" of carbon emissions, and passive green building solutions shall be promoted.

After 24 years of deep cultivation, Sayyas focuses on aluminum-clad wood and passive windows. As the guard of the building entrances, Sayyas tries its best to contribute to the environment.

[Zero carbon is imminent, and Sayyas is willing to take lead]



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