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Special Instructions

Special instructions

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Wood instructions

The solid wood window is a window product with the natural texture of wood, which contains the characteristics of the wood during the growth process. As the original unique life form, each piece of wood must have its own uniqueness. For the frame of the solid wood window, the reasonable reason for the color difference is mainly caused by the nature of the wood itself and the environmental factors of the wood cutting method. Therefore, it is reasonable and necessary to have a certain color difference, which is an indirect expression of the natural properties of wood.

White paint discoloration instructions

White paint products will have different degrees of discoloration due to the influence of the environment in which they are used. The time of discoloration and the degree of yellowing are different due to the influence of the climate, indoor temperature, humidity and other factors. Depending on the angle or time of sunlight, there may be uniform discoloration or local discoloration.

Insulating glass instructions

Because of the influence of the regional climate conditions, and the differences in indoor environment of users, windows and doors, as the weakest link (compared to the wall) of indoor and outdoor partition, may condense in the surface of insulating glasses in an environment with larger temperature difference or humidity difference between indoor and outdoor. Therefore, the rooms installed with Sayyas's products shall maintain good ventilation and appropriate humidity, and shall be timely wiped clean, to avoid the occurrence of condensation or other phenomena and damage indoor decoration.

Use environment instructions

Condensation refers to the phenomenon that condensation water appears on the surface when the surface temperature of an object is less than or equal to the dew point temperature of the nearby air. From the cause of condensation, it can be seen that the dew point temperature and the surface temperature of the object are the key factors for whether the object will condense. If the surface temperature of the object is higher than its dew point temperature, the object will not condense. On the contrary, if the surface temperature of the object is less than or equal to the dew point temperature, the water vapor on the surface of the object will inevitably be saturated and become dewdrops to form condensation. So condensation is an objective existence.

It is suggested to improve the factors affecting condensation through the following solutions:

Adjust indoor temperature and humidity to reduce the dew point temperature of indoor doors and windows. The winter weather in the north is cold, and we often neglect to open windows and doors for ventilation. Indoor bathing, washing, cooking, hydroponic green plants, etc., will easily cause excessive water vapor content in the indoor air. Coupled with daily life and natural breathing of the human, when the indoor glass surface temperature is lower than the dew point temperature, it will condense in cold places. Therefore, it should be ventilated frequently, and maintaining a relatively reasonable humidity is an effective means to prevent condensation.

Increase the temperature of the inner surface of the glass. First, household heating equipment can be placed next to shaded windows that are relatively prone to condensation. Second, you can put down the outdoor roller blinds or retract the indoor curtains to facilitate indoor heat transfer to the glass surface. When northern families use heaters for heating, they should try to remove coverings on the outlet, so that the indoor heat flow can be effectively transferred.

Tempered glass self-explosion instructions

Self-explosion of tempered glass is a random and unavoidable natural phenomenon caused by nickel sulfide expansion. The self-explosion rate of tempered glass is about 3‰.

Insulating glass tempered mark instructions

The glass used in Sayyas's window products is insulating glass, which is tempered according to the national standards, with the tempered mark being printed on a single sheet of insulating glass.

According to the "Notice on Further Clarifying the Requirements for the Application of Compulsory Certification Marks for Safety Glass Products by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration", another single piece of safety glass used to constitute safety insulating glass cannot be printed with the certification mark again.


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