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After-sale service

After sale

In July 2020, Sayyas has established its own independent heartfelt service system, and the system engineering and retail business are now fully online. With this efficient and convenient on-site service management platform, Sayyas will establish an efficient and high-quality whole-process service management system around customers and reward customer with "heart".

The heartfelt service system uses a software platform to uniformly manage the personnel and links that serve customers such as installation, acceptance, customers, customer service, and after-sale service.

It integrated the front-end and after-sales into the whole life cycle of products, actually playing a role in streamlining and standardizing on-site services,
and ultimately achieving the goal of improving service quality and satisfying customers.

Sayyas creates the heartfelt service system to realize the whole-process control after leaving factory.

After forming closed-loop management with order execution, it can lock and enrich the full life cycle of customer order products,
equivalent to establishing exclusive service "archives" for customers.

The after-sales center of Sayyas aluminum-clad wood window makes the following commitments

The after-sales center will provide handling suggestion within 24h of receiving the user's repair report. If on-site service is required, Sayyas will timely dispatch professional technical service personnel for on-site handling. If the parts or other products fail, report according to the company procedure and take emergency measures for users during problem solving period.

The customer center staff will make monthly return visit by telephone, solve the problems encountered in the use of products for customers, summarize customers' feedback regularly, and deal with them and follow up timely.

Sayyas provides free maintenance and repair for product quality problems within the warranty period as agreed in the contract. Damages caused by force majeure factors such as beyond the warranty period, human factors or natural disasters are not covered by the scope of free warranty, and Sayyas will provide paid services. For specific price, see "After-sale Price Manual of Sayyas Aluminum-clad Wood Window".

The company has the right of final interpretation.


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